Concept creation
Product design
Automotive design
Interface design
Ambient lighting
Renderings and presentations
CAS modelling in Alias and Maya
Project planning and management

Model construction

CNC milling
3D digitising
Reverse engineering
Clay models
Model construction
Lightweight construction
Trade fair models
Show cars
Design models
Paintwork expertise for prototypes and small series

Making fascination come alive
Effectively creative

We arrive at successful, cost-effective results in vehicle and product development based on our wealth of creativity and experience. Our customers enjoy a comprehensive service – from conception through to series production maturity. Our processes combine design strategies with future-oriented technology, enabling us to create sketches and visualisations based on state-of-the-art software. In the technical implementation of our models and presentations we use both manual techniques and pioneering approaches.

We offer our customers cutting-edge, virtual modelling as a basis for realistic end results: from 3D prototypes on screen through to fascinating hands-on models for trade fairs and exhibitions.



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D-80807 München

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