Construction design
Model and mould making
Aeronautical engineering
Lighting technology
Fixture construction
Design check models
CFRP lightweight technologies
Reference car bodies
Design validation
Ergonomic models
Measuring technology
Gauge construction
Functional models
Data control models
Initial samples
Rapid Prototyping

Shaping innovation
Qualitatively effective

We offer extensive system solutions from planning, design and construction through to the finished product. In order to best serve our customers, we strive to achieve permanent optimisation of the value creation chain throughout all processes based on minimum development costs and short development periods.

In terms of project management, our customers can rely on the individual support of our specialists. This means we are able to respond to changing requirements at any stage of the process. In both national and international trade, we diligently take care of delivery, formalities and customs regulations as well as ensuring a smooth transfer of information – by providing instruction manuals in English for instance.


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